Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Ava Homa's Imaginary Biography

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Ava Homa, 10 years ago :p

Hello Dear Readers,

This is my first blog entry in the first day of my writer-in-residency. I suppose you need to know me.

Ava is the great, great, great, grand-daughter of Scheherazade _the story teller of One Thousand and One Night_ but was raised by sea lions after a childhood canoeing accident. She walked all the way from Kurdistan to Canada and ended up in Windsor as a result of taking the wrong flight at Pearson. It took her two years to walk back to Toronto.

Ava has a talent for mispronouncing every English word. She loves skiing but hates skating since she broke her ankle on the ice. She is a bomb of idle energy with constant brain pain due to long hours of thinking and not doing! Ava is reckless, passionate and always thirsty. You should never seat besides her because she will spill coffee on you unintentionally and will cry over it, too. She loves marshmallows, crapes and sour strips.

Ava loves her readers.

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