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You Are Creative

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You Are Creative

Your task is not to find intuition but to seek and destroy all the obstacles to creativity that you have built against it.

You can be creative if you

1. Stop thinking creativity only belongs to special people. He is creative. She is creative. We are creative. I am creative. Creativity needs to respected, encouraged and practiced. After all, “genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

2. Be open to changes. Don’t be angry when your favourite coffee shop redecorates or facebook and google change their template. Accept and enjoy the new look.

3. Challenge your ideas. If you are a believer you can still have an inspiring conversation with an atheist. You don’t have to always agree with your friend and partner. Pick up a book you hated and read it from a new perspective.

4. Find out what inspires you. Walking? Playing games? Swimming? Going to the country side? Listening to music? Reading your favourite novel even one more time? Reading poetry? Listening to someone who recites a poem nicely? Try dirt biking ;)

It is important to find out what you can do to set yourself free and open. It is equally vital to be an independent thinker. The other side of the coin in creativity is the critical side. You need to be reflective and analytica:; observe, evaluate, critique, compare and contrast.

Happy Creating,

Ava Homa

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