Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Audio: A walk around Niven Lake with Craig Davidson

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In Yellowknife, in June, the sun is glorious. The light is sharp and clear and even when it fades to twilight, it never goes away. Days are long and sprawling and full. 

I had the pleasure of being a guest of the NorthWords Festival, touching in on the marvelous northern writers and readers community. There's an amazing bookstore The Book Cellar that feels like the hub. There are parties that start at midnight on houseboats on The Great Slave Lake. You can learn line dancing from locals at The Gold Range.

Craig Davidson was also a guest, with his new memoir, Precious Cargo. He and I took a walk around Niven Lake and I recorded the conversation on my iPhone. The loon calls give way to construction noise as we meandered in and out of civilization.

We talk about sense of place in memoir and fiction, about colouring and about coming, as we both do, from small towns.

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