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Wragg is in custody (part three)

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Continued from Wragg is in custody (part two).

Well, there you have it. I've been to the blog. Keep saying it: blog blog blog and pretty soon you'll feel that you have been blitzed by Wolf Blitzer, poor man, repeating over and over again his self-serving network slogan about the best news team on television, repeating over and over again in every other sentence the same word: now now now now (it is astonishing, the man is so transparently pleased at being pleased with being Wolf at his pleasure; which is, of course, the definition of kitsch as provided by Kundera).

So, let us have some fun; let us have little signs printed up and while going around on our daily chores let us blitz those new buildings, those public sculptures, that, through a stultifying banality or coarseness, offend the eye. Think of the monstrously ugly north wall of Dundas Square or the monstrously ugly university building on the northeast corner of Spadina and Harbord, think of these locations covered with hundreds of little signs: Wragg is in custody.

Matthew Arnold would be well pleased.

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