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Hip Hop World, Part Deux?

I just back from a music conference in Copenhagen, and the sheer number of emcee’s and rap practitioners out there, that deserve their own chapters in my ever evolving documentation of hip hop culture around the globe is awe-inspiring.

As authors, once we close the book on a new tome, quite literally (and continuously question whether we should have included this particular tidbit of info, over another, and still a few others)...we find another four chapters of material (right after your book leaves the printing press, and a whole flurry of new ideas about the same subject that need to be written on said subject, pop up out of the blue.

Soul(less) On Ice?

Blame it on “indie” rock. My third book Hip Hop World has absolutely nothing to do with what is considered to be modern day "indie" rock music in Canada (read: rock n' roll is an African American invention, and mofo's need to look up what the word independent actually means). But the more I travel the globe, shilling books and Big Ideas, I often wonder if I am alone in feeling bamboozled into believing that anything could be more ”indie” in thought, resources and spirit than rap music and its global multi-culti constituencies.
My Hip Hop World-ing might hopefully help shift this paradigm.

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