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So this is a strange weekend. In fact, it promises to be a strange month. A good friend of mine is visiting for the Toronto International Film Festival, so she's been bringing us to some of the private parties. Last night, at the after party for Bruce MacDonald's new Pontypool (based on Tony Burgess's book, Pontypool Changes Everything), I'm pretty sure I was sitting next to Atom Egoyan for a while. But I also thought I saw him on King Street the other day, incognito in a tshirt and jeans. Perhaps I'm projecting in some way.

Projecting a film maker...

Someone showed me this today, so I decided to input all my books, including my current project, and this blog. It takes allof the words, and puts the most frequent ones into a shape poem by size. Not surprisingly, the words "actually" and "quite" and "probably" come up a lot in this blog. It's a hangup of mine. And then there's that mammoth Internet!

Not Far From The Tree

I was asked several questions when approached to write this blog. But none was quite so difficult as a list of recommended websites. It's not that I'm internet illiterate or anything. I actually spend an inordinate amount of time here. But largely I'm on here doing research. I probably do way too much. Much more than I ever would have done without the internet. In fact, although this element of my writing actually predates the internet, especially as we know it, with me randomly sifting through sections of libraries, I probably wouldn't be able to go into quite as much detail or make as many coincidental links as the internet affords me. Recently I spent a day checking out lung diseases, home construction, well digging, chocolate, salt... I forget, really.

Dear Diary

I've never written a blog before.

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