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Egypt and Tunisia: a few thoughts

Egypt and Tunisia

While I’m Writer-in-Residence I’ll be mostly blogging about writing and reading, but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to write a bit about North Africa this morning.

Over the past several years I helped run a mentoring scheme for writers based in Tunisia, Morocco, and Algeria. These young adults were all writing in English, their third language (after Arabic and French and sometimes Berber as well); the scheme, Medi-Café, was run by the British Council. They were a mix of students, teachers, and academics, and they were united by their passion for reading and writing, and their desire for knowledge and experience. Our work online was supplemented by a series of three day workshops in both Tunisia and Morocco.

Hello Toronto!

Thanks to OpenBook Toronto for inviting me to be Writer-in-Residence for the month of February. I’m writing this in London, England, where I live, but because of Our Beloved Internet, I’m able to take up residence in Toronto online.

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