Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

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"ducks, cottonwood trees, soap opera ladies, storms and lost yelps" in conversation with Winterkill author, Catherine Graham

Catherine Graham is the author of four acclaimed poetry collections: The Watch and the poetry trilogy Pupa, The Red Element and Winterkill Vice President of Project Bookmark Canada and Marketing Coordinator for the Rowers Pub Reading Series, she holds an MA in Creative Writing from Lancaster University (UK) and teaches creative writing at the University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies.

Troll Was No Monster
after the painting by Kate Domina

My body’s thin like an icicle
but my fur warms, the rug of me.
I feel good in this suit. My tie,
a material icicle. It wears me well
like the mouse I wear that wears me.
See past my wolfish eyes, the wildness
that makes the menace race

All that's Sweet with author Dani Couture

Dani Couture is the Author of Good Meat (Pedlar Press, 2006) and Sweet (Pedlar Press, 2010) Her novel, Algoma, is coming out with Invisible Publishing this year.


There are things my body is not telling me:
late nights and friends I’ll never meet.
The yellowing bruise on my hip.
Strangers who ask, Haven’t we met?
Pine Needles threaded through my black knit dress
and I have not left the city in months.

Morning when my body thinks me asleep,
I listen to it work.
A soft-footed rummaging,
the slow sharpening of bones.
Suddenly, a femur thrust through thigh,
a door opened, the body no longer at home.

- from the collection Sweet, Pedlar Press, 2010.

Seeing People and Seeing Celebrities

Why should my stomach go into my feet when I see someone who wrote a book I really love? I remember in elementary school, a man coming in to talk to our class about whale watching. I asked him to sign my autograph book. I think it was equally awkward for both of us. It was a case of mis-reading celebrity status. When you are a celebrity, you can be asked to perform the awkward, however, outside of that designation the awkward retains its meaning.

Since I’m going to talk a bit about celebrities as in movie stars and celebrities as in writers, I want to make a bit of a disclaimer. Celebrating Kim Kardashian for having a Bentley and wanting a 10 Karat Diamond is different than lauding someone for producing a book that is a symbol of personal sacrifice and intellect. Of course.