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The Joy of Hating (Musicals)

I’m pretty sure that most people who know me would say I am a nice person. I have always been this way. And I’m generally pleased to have this reputation, but occasionally it dismays me.

Home at a Heatwave and a Blackout!

I returned home with Derek to Toronto last night from our trip out west and beyond.

I am not a fan (har!) of hot and humid weather, so I was a bit sorry to leave behind Victoria’s temperate climate and arrive in the middle of Sticky Town here. Then this morning, immediately after we installed the air conditioner, the power went out.

Your Very Own Pocket Cruise Ship Magician

During the Alaskan cruise I recently took with my family, I became fascinated by the onboard magician. I went to two of his performances, and was spellbound. Which I guess is the point.

In a more informal show where he revealed how some of his tricks worked, he told the audience, “People are skeptical, and I make them believe.”

I liked this cruise ship magician’s style. (Let’s call him Mystical Bill.) I wanted to magically shrink him down so I could carry him with me wherever I went. And then I realized that this was possible—as all magic is—because I already have my very own pocket cruise ship magician, AKA, my subconscious! (Let’s call it Little Mystical Bill.)

What I'm Working on Now

My nearly 96-year-old Grandma Marion Westhead recently said to me, “I love being old!” She had given me a call to thank me and Derek for mailing her a bunch of almost-expired McDonald’s coupons—“I used them all, ha!”

If McDonald’s were smart, they would make this woman their poster girl. She eats there every day, with her “gang” of fellow seniors. Though they are not very pleased at the moment with their local Micky D’s, which is closed for renovations—“They’re trying to make it look like a bar now! All dark wood and no more tables, just separate booths. We won’t be able to watch people anymore.” Then she said—and I could hear the grin, “We’ll show them. We’ll still make it our own.”

Risk-Taking Behaviour

In the risk-taking department, I’m a bit further ahead with my fiction than in my real life. About an hour and a half before I first sat down to write this post, I was sitting on a horse. Very uncomfortably. Chanting to myself between gritted teeth, I am having fun I am having fun I will not fall off and the horse will not rear up and toss me in the air and then stomp on my head and split it open with its heavy heavy hooves when I hit the ground.

Derek had signed us up for a “half-day trail ride” at a horse ranch outside Calgary. We were spending some time out west before embarking on an Alaskan cruise with my family, and thought we’d take in some local colour.

First Post(card) Ahoy!

Greetings from Vancouver!

I’m enjoying this far-away city after a weeklong Alaskan cruise with my parents, brother and sister-in-law, and my husband Derek. Before the cruise (which I’ll be posting a fictional photo essay about at some point), Derek and I cavorted in Calgary for a few days.

I did a bit of a book tour in both cities, and now I’m just concentrating on ingesting as much delicious sushi as humanly possible. We leave tomorrow for a few days in Victoria, then back to Toronto, which I’m starting to feel homesick for.

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