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Come Away: song of songs

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Come Away: song of songs

McArthur & Company, 2007

Nestled between two of the most formidable voices of the Old Testament Bible, Ecclesiastes, which does not love women and Isaiah, which loves them less, is one short book which has disturbed clergy and baffled religious scholars for over two thousand years. The Song of Solomon, also called The Song of Songs is an erotic love poem. Probably written by a woman, it doesn't contain any mention of God.

So what is it doing there?

University of Toronto professor, Reggie Nefeild, has devoted his life to unravelling the mystery of this gem of sensuous poetry, only to suddenly discover that the answer is not at all what he expected. And, amid the glittering towers of ancient Babylon, a young Jewish woman, priestess of the goddess Asherah, is confronted with a return to Jerusalem and to a strange solitary god named Yahweh.

Painstakingly researched and with Anne Hines' classic humour, the two story lines call out to each other like the lovers in The Song of Songs, suggesting startling truths about the genesis of the Bible, our concept of God, and of love itself.