Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Earth to Audrey

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Earth to Audrey by Susan Huges

Kids Can Press, 2005

From the publisher's website:

Audrey comes into Ray's life like an earthbound star. Everything about her is a bit far-out. And she's always in her own little world. So Ray decides that this unusual girl who has dropped into his neighborhood for the summer must be an alien.

As they become friends, Audrey takes Ray on a journey of discovery — one that enables him to see his own planet in a new light. Soon, Ray can't imagine life on Earth without her.

Susan Hughes' poignant, gently humorous text and Stéphane Poulin's evocative, heartfelt illustrations capture the long childhood summer of discovery in a small town and depict a friendship that changed the lives of two lonely dreamers.


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