Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Everything but the Kitchen Sink

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Everything but the Kitchen Sink


From the publisher's website:

Did you know that radishes are a common breakfast food in Japan? Why do Americans love corn dogs? Do watermelons remove freckles? Can you really clean a toilet with a can of cola? Where does the expression "say cheese" come from? Did you know that in 1919 a molasses flood killed 21 people in Boston? What child isn't going to want to know the answers to these questions? Step into any school cafeteria and you'll hear kids buzzing about food. Everything but the Kitchen Sink builds on that fascination with food through history, science, art, superstitions, and world records. Organized in 10 fast-paced and fun chapters, Everything but the Kitchen Sink will present bite-size facts, interviews with fantastic "foodies," and amazing but true sidebars. Some recipes and activities are also included.