Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms

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Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms by George Murray

ECW Press, 2010

Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms is a book of 409 aphorisms, a form that straddles the line between poetry and philosophy, yet is more accessible to the general public than either. Each deceptively tiny aphorism allows the reader a glimpse at an original poetic moment. These are not simply distilled poems, pre-poems, or poems explained; rather, each of them represents a crystallized essence, the truth at the heart of a poem that requires it to be written. Murray captures first thoughts generated by the impulse to write, rather than those thoughts long held and worked and shaped.

“The only thing permanent enough to remain is the time after life, which comes and never ends, unlike that which came before and during.” — from Glimpse

For more information about Glimpse: Slected Aphorisms, please visit the ECW Press website.