Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


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ECW Press, August 2014

Recommendation from Kim Moritsugu:

My blurb for this book about an interconnected group of people living in a small Ontario city describes it as suspenseful, compassionate, awesomely creepy, wise, and ultimately hopeful.

From ECW Press:

From fall to spring, the inhabitants of Edgewood Drive in the small town of Parkville prove that the simplest lives can be intricate and complicated. The interwoven, layered narrative of Michelle Berry’s Interference moves between Senior Ladies Leisure League hockey, the unsure and awkward life of pre-teens and teens, suspected pedophilia, disfigurement, and cancer. In Interference, there is always someone watching, biding their time — and as this suspense builds the vivaciousness of a congenial neighbourhood, full of life and happiness as well as fear and sorrow, becomes at once more humorous, frightening, and real.