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Let’s Call It Canada: Amazing Stories of Canadian Place Names

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Let's Call it Canada by Susan Hughes

OwlKids, 2009

From the publisher's website:

How did places like Flin Flon, Lake Cinderella, Medicine Hat and Deception Creek get their names?

Let’s Call It Canada asks and answers this question in this fun- and fact-filled collection of stories behind the place names of Canada. Most of us probably don’t give much thought to place names until we stumble across one that’s really unusual, funny or surprising, but from the naming of the country right down to the naming of its tiniest town, there is a story to be told. Readers will learn about spots named for significant landmarks and historical events, for local legends and storybook characters, and for people you might think long forgotten. An amazing, multi-layered look at the people, culture, geography, wildlife and history of our country emerges through these stories. Let’s Call It Canada will delight, educate and inform young readers across the map with its fresh look at Canada’s rich heritage.

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