Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

One Way Ticket

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One Way Ticket by David Tucker

BookLand Press, 2012

From the publisher: Years after a near-miraculous birth imposes impossible life expectations on him, a lonely and unaccomplished man tries to radically reinvent himself. A prominent female author is stricken with writer’s block a few hours before she is scheduled to deliver the keynote speech of her life. On a train, a struggling former advertising executive becomes paralyzed by the silent presence of a young woman who reminds him of a lost love who derailed his life and career. One Way Ticket is a riveting collection of stories that explore the jagged psychic journey of characters forced by circumstance and fate to rewrite their life narrative or be destroyed by it. These powerful character-driven stories, told with wit and sensitivity, challenge us to examine our own lives and the personal choices we make.


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