Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Razovsky at Peace

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Razovsky at Peace

ECW Press, September 2001

From ECW Press:

Touching, hilarious, and terrifying: the follow-up collection by 2000 Trillium Award Nominee. In his third major collection of poetry, Stuart Ross blazes surprising, new paths. Razovsky At Peace still showcases his trademark humour, surrealism, and absurd take on the banal, but also delves into darker, more raw territory. While once again challenging our perception of suburbia, capitalism, and hamburgers, his trembling characters now stumble awkwardly into litter-strewn rural landscapes, emotional rapture, and even terrified, unadvisable love.Accessible, conversational, and dynamic, his work appeals even to people who hate poetry. There is no one in Canada writing quite like Stuart Ross.