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Recommended Reading: Showbiz by Jason Anderson

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Recommended Reading: Showbiz by Jason Anderson

ECW Press, 2005

From the catalogue:
In 1963, Jimmy Wynn was the second most famous man in America. The comedian’s uncanny impression of the President made him a star. But when the genuine article died in a hail of bullets on a sunny afternoon in New Orleans, Jimmy’s career met a fate almost as grisly. What happened to the funny man afterward was a mystery no one cared to solve.

Nearly 25 years later, Nathan Grant, an ambitious young journalist, discovers the trail Jimmy cut through the entertainment netherworld. He soon realizes this forgotten court jester may have played a very serious part in the country’s favourite conspiracy theory. Grant’s strange and increasingly dangerous odyssey takes him from a dingy New York record store to the showrooms of Las Vegas, a ghost town in the Mojave Desert, and even a dinner theatre in Niagara Falls. A dark comedy about the cost of fame, Jason Anderson’s Showbiz is the story of a man who became a punchline and a writer who is desperate to find out how the rest of the joke goes.

About the author:
Jason Anderson, author of Showbiz, is a Calgary native who lives in Toronto. His arts journalism appears in the Globe and Mail, Toro, Saturday Night, Toronto Life, and eye Weekly. His fiction has appeared in Taddle Creek and THIS Magazine.

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