Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Still Waters: A Quin and Morgan Mystery by John Moss

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Still Waters: A Quin and Morgan Mystery by John Moss

Dundurn Press, 2008

A corpse with comb-over hair slowly turns in a garden pond in the wealthy heart of Toronto’s Rosedale, leading Detective David Morgan into speculations about ornamental fish, and his partner, Miranda Quin into a chilling sequence of revelations that could destroy her. The real mystery begins, not with the dead man but when a stunning woman walks onto the crime scene and without emotion declares herself to be the nondescript victim’s mistress. From that point on, everything changes. As Miranda and Morgan are drawn deeper into the complexities of their investigation, Miranda’s suppressed memories rise to haunt her and eventually take a shape that threatens her life. Dread, on her part, is countered on his by an increasing sense of foreboding. The resolution of crimes in the present exposes unresolved crimes of the past. The question remains: how does a relationship based on murder endure?

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