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Warriors and Wailers

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Warriors and Wailers by Sarah Tsiang

Annick Press, 2012

From the publisher's website:

China was one of the most advanced societies in the ancient world. Whether in medicine, the arts, or education, the Chinese far outpaced the Europeans. Although most people were peasants, society included a myriad of other jobs.

Warriors and Wailers, the sixth book in Annick’s popular Jobs in History series, describes 100 professions that made up the fabric of Chinese society. They are listed under twelve categories, from imperial to illegal jobs, and including academic, religious, and peasant jobs.

Young readers will learn that silk makers were sworn to secrecy so that foreigners would not learn how to spin the precious thread; Shaolin warrior monks could break stone slabs with their fists; and even if you were the emperor, you could be put to death for displeasing the gods.

A fact-filled introduction, index, and timeline make this book perfect for research projects, while the humorous illustrations keep it fun.

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