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So this is a strange weekend. In fact, it promises to be a strange month. A good friend of mine is visiting for the Toronto International Film Festival, so she's been bringing us to some of the private parties. Last night, at the after party for Bruce MacDonald's new Pontypool (based on Tony Burgess's book, Pontypool Changes Everything), I'm pretty sure I was sitting next to Atom Egoyan for a while. But I also thought I saw him on King Street the other day, incognito in a tshirt and jeans. Perhaps I'm projecting in some way.

Projecting a film maker...

Anyway, there were producers everywhere, and since my friend is also one of these producer people, Laura and I got in a lot of conversations and, I think, made a lot of pitches. I think we got signed to a three-movie deal to write a horror trilogy called Sloth vs Manatee. And there's another one I probably can't even tell you about. It's going to be that big.

Today, everything shifts to music. Playing V-Fest out on Centre Island in Toronto. And I'm imagining sitting around with Liam and Noel from Oasis, asking them how they came up with the idea for "You All Everybody".

Is this the kind of thing peopel blog about? I feel like I should be finding new things for people. So, here's my new favourite show (I don't have a TV, so sometimes I might be a little behind in finding them on the internet): Kid Nation.

40 kids. 40 days in a western border town. No adults. They govern themselves and hilarity ensues. My favourite is the little boy who looks like Yoko Ono in his shades. The things he says are very deep. I have a greater understanding of the world through his eyes.

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