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Not Far From The Tree

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I was asked several questions when approached to write this blog. But none was quite so difficult as a list of recommended websites. It's not that I'm internet illiterate or anything. I actually spend an inordinate amount of time here. But largely I'm on here doing research. I probably do way too much. Much more than I ever would have done without the internet. In fact, although this element of my writing actually predates the internet, especially as we know it, with me randomly sifting through sections of libraries, I probably wouldn't be able to go into quite as much detail or make as many coincidental links as the internet affords me. Recently I spent a day checking out lung diseases, home construction, well digging, chocolate, salt... I forget, really. For some reason, I now know a lot about sloths, the WWII bombing of Sheffield and the mathematics of parking cars.

But what I don't do on the internet is repeatedly go to the same sites. I'm not even on Facebook. Largely due to the easily addicted side of my nature. So coming up with something someone else should check out was pretty hard. Could I just say google? (I tried googling "fun sites" and "cool sites", too, but no luck.)

Eventually, I came up with the list you see someone on this page (I think). And I figured I should introduce them somehow (other than my band's site, which is pretty self-explanatory), or otherwise they'll just sit there awkwardly waiting to be asked to dance: - My second lie. I go to Achewood every day. It was one of my great joys in life. Don't read today's comic, though. Go back to the start: Then read them all in order. Then read the blogs (he has one for every character) and then maybe read them again. - There's this group of guys in Rock Island, Illinois, who invite touring bands into their studio for a couple of hours and record alternate versions of songs. Really great bands doing really great songs. We did one, and it's one of my favourite things, as we all played each others instruments. First time I played electric guitar, I think.

boingboing and Itsnicethat and spacing - To tell you the truth, someone else suggested I put these. They look interesting, though, and I may check it out.

On the Road of Knives - Nicholas DiGenova did the cover art for our last CD. On this site, he and three friends draw collaboratively. One draws a monster; the next draws a monster to fight that monster. And then they fight. Or something like that.

Boy Knits World - A guy who knits cool stuff. I love the ones that actually have little knitting needles and are making each other.

Not Far From the Tree - I live with a woman named Laura. As I have mentioned before (full disclosure), we have been linked romantically and legally. She has a wonderful project where people pick fruit in the city and make sure it a) doesn't go to waste, and b) gets to people who need it. People volunteer. People offer up their trees. And then they all share it with food banks. A spectacular project that is only running in ward21 of Toronto at the moment. But if you want to do something where you are, flip her an email!

phonespell - I needed ten sites and kind of ran out of ideas. A friend told me his phone number spells FIST LOVE.

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Chris Eaton

Chris Eaton is the author of two novels: the inactivist (Insomniac Press, 2003) and The Grammar Architect (Insomniac Press, 2005). He also writes and performs music in the band Rock Plaza Central.

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