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So, wait a second...

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There ARE comments on this blog?! How come I never saw them before? And how come it seems like there are some on the right side of the page and then when I click on them, I only get to the comments about my music posting?

We should be talking, people!

The American election fascinates me in a way that the Canadian one does not. Does that make me screwed up? Or does that make me Canadian? I'll be pissed if McCain doesn't attend the debates tonight. Although now he'll look stupid no matter what he chooses. Anyway, things are looking brighter down there. And they seem to be here, too, with the Conservatives finally coming down in the polls. Harper's right about all of us artists spending grant money on frivolous things, though. Like food and shelter. On election day, make sure you send a message that the arts are important.

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The comments feature started halfway through your reign as Writer In Res. That's why you're just spotting the feedback now. Hey, will you watch the Canadian debates, too?

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