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Update on the whole Hadron Collider thing

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Sorry. I've been finding it difficult to write anything in here the last few days. My mind has been wrapped up in a biography of Faulkner (which is horribly written but sometimes interesting) and the death of David Foster Wallace. Particularly, I watched an interview with Wallace in which he talks about the fear of not writing, or the worry. Most of the time, when he was supposed to be writing, he worried about not writing. Not worrying about what to say, but worrying about not doing it, even when he had the time to do it. Faulkner wrote like a fiend. Two of his novels were written in about a month and a half. And still he worried about not writing. That somehow he was still not producing enough, and when he had to write films for hollywood to pay the bills, it drove him crazy. That's what I feel like when I'm writing a blog, or an ad (which I've also been doing a lot lately), or a song, or just out on tour playing songs. Or even when I'm writing.

I worry about not writing.

Where would I be without it?

Anyway, I'm giving a reading at Word on the Street in Toronto on Sunday at 11am. Talking about music and books and doing a little of both.

And I found some cool webcams online that let you keep closer tabs on the Hadron Collider so you'll be first to know if it creates a black hole to destroy the world. Check it out:

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