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Where did that photo come from?

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Just looking at my profile photo, trying to figure out when that was taken and where it came from. I look like such a kid in it. I should probably replace it with something that more accurately represents the haggard man I have become. It's quite likely that the only place it exists is on the Internet. Or as a file on my computer, or Laura's, or someone else's. I was talking to a friend last night about a project called the Clock of the Long Now, which involves trying to create a clock in Norway that will continue to exist and run for 10,000 years. Instead of a minute hand and an hour hand, it will have a year hand and a century hand, and every millennium a cuckoo will come out. It's about thinking about things in the long term.

One of the people involved with that project is the photographer Ed Burtynsky, who also happens to live in my neighbourhood. And recently he was interviewed by the CBC show Spark about digital photography, and how no one makes prints any more, and how, in the future, we may not even have the electricity to run the computers and cameras to even see these photos. It reminds me that I must make some prints soon. He's also trying to create a photo that will last 10,000 years, for a gallery that will exist in the cave with the clock. Interesting stuff on CBC's Spark. I think the interview will air this week.

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Chris Eaton is the author of two novels: the inactivist (Insomniac Press, 2003) and The Grammar Architect (Insomniac Press, 2005). He also writes and performs music in the band Rock Plaza Central.

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