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My first unsolicited fan recognition

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My first unsolicited fan recognition

I guess it's a milestone of sorts...I was recognized! In Toronto! And not at the reading I was doing, but well beforehand, at a completely different bookstore!

Now I know how George Clooney must feel. I mean pre-ER Clooney, of course - Facts of Life Clooney, not Ocean's Eleven Clooney.

But pretty cool nonetheless. It's deeply strange to have someone come up to you out of context to what you're doing and ask, "Are you (insert your name here)?" But immensely flattering. I highly recommend the experience.

The reading at Type Books (883 Queen Street West) went very well. I'll give a shout-out to Kyle and the entire staff of Type for a really fun evening. I had a blast, met some people with excellent taste in books, and despite some initial stomach upset, all went smoothly.

And while I'm on the subject, please support independent bookstores such as Type Books and Pages. Both are terrific stores with helpful and knowledgeable staff, and great places to lose yourself in for an hour or seven.

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