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Long Pen (or Bust)

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Long Pen (or Bust)

It's time for me (and you, Joe/Josephine Author) to face facts. If you can't have some Long Pen activity happening, I'm sorry, but you just haven't made it. Your not quite there. Imagine the thrill of being able to sign books from your own preferred locale, for me that would be the confines of my comfy new Ikea bed set. Or being able to interact with your readership and fans while watching the Leafs lose (again). I've used Skype a number of times, so this is like the literary equivalent I s`pose. I got to hang with Atwood for a few minutes at the Word On The Street festival (PEEP THE ATTACHED PIC). She was signing right next to me, no Long Pen business there. Hers was the line that ran around the block. I had about 20 people line up to meet and greet me immediately following my presentation, she about 200. We did the small talk thing, but what I really wanted to talk about was the Long Pen, The Untold Story. For those that haven`t had a chance to try the device, like myself, your immediate response to the concept is that the person-to-person interaction between the book buyer or fan and the author is eliminated in favour of machinery. `Tis true. But I can safely say that when you talk to Margaret Atwood she is a very good listener, and a true pro (I was explaining away the premise behind my new book Hip Hop World, and she got it immediately). I had no intentions of holding her up, from non-Long Penning this experience, from physically attaching her autograph to the hundreds waiting in line. So I said to my friend, Long Pen this.

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Dalton Higgins

Dalton Higgins is a music programmer, pop culture critic, author, broadcaster and journalist. He is also Canada’s foremost expert on hip hop culture. His latest book is Hip Hop World (Groundwood Books/House of Anansi).

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