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Ever Wonder What Our Children Think about Toronto? (I do, so I asked. Perhaps the mayor should take note)

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What's the best thing about your city, Toronto?

That there's not a lot of pollution. (Sara, age 6)

Toronto has more hardware stores than some other cities. (Matthew, age 4)

The multiculturalism and how it's a city where people from all over can come together. (Hanna, age 14)

Having a big park right near my house. (Violet, age 5)

One of my favorite things about living in Toronto is...Canada's Wonderland! Because there is lots of rides and games and it is really, really fun and I get to bring a friend. I always go on the last day of school. (Isa, age 8)

The parks and the island system. Nature. Harry's Run in High Park. The communities and farmers' markets and activities. (Isak, age 12)

I like going to my favorite pizza restaurant because I have very very yummy pizza there. (Nica, age 5)

Water slides! (Soraya, age 5)

If you could change one thing to make Toronto more fun what would that be?

Put more jungle gyms in. (Sara, age 6)

Instead of driving cars, we would all ride horses. And horses would be a lot cheaper than cars so everyone could have one. (Isa, age 8)

A new mayor. (Hanna, age 14)

Having more toys to play with everywhere. (Samira, age 4.5)

There could be water parks that would be open in the winter but they would be inside a glass building. (Matthew, age 4)

A hundred ferris wheels! (Annorah, age 3)

More chocolate and candy. (Caleb, age 4)

The traffic and transit down near the waterfront. (Isak, age 12)

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Elizabeth Ruth

Elizabeth Ruth’s first novel, Ten Good Seconds of Silence, was a finalist for the Writers Trust of Canada Fiction Prize, the Best First Novel Award and the City of Toronto Book Award and was named a top 10 book of the year by NOW Magazine, the Vancouver Sun and the London Free Press. Smoke, her second novel, was chosen for the One Book, One Community program and also named a top 10 book of the year by NOW Magazine. Her most recent novel, Matadora, will be published in April, 2013 by Cormorant Books.

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