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Tightrope Books Writing Without a Net Workshop Series: Poetry and Form with Bruce Meyer

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Tightrope Books Writing Without a Net Workshop Series: Poetry and Form with Bruce Meyer

Sunday, May 16, 2010 - 2:00pm



Have you ever thought of adding an extra layer of meaning to your poems? Received forms have been passed down through the centuries and are still a vital part of poetry today. Witness the work of such neo-formalists as Dana Gioia, Molly Peacock, and Timothy Steele. Form is not just a matter of arranging the lines, or even just an avenue to structure—it is a means by which you can use rhythm and rhyme to enhance the meaning of the line, the stanza, and the poem as a whole. Using form can also be a way of connecting current work to the resonances of the past.

This workshop will help you master form so you can write in the same cadences as Shakespeare while at the same time giving your own voice a freshness, immediacy, and power. Dr. Bruce Meyer, author of eleven books of poetry and professor of creative writing at Georgian College, will lead you in examining the various types of form, what they can do for your poetry, and how to make your poems sing in ways you never thought possible.

Bruce Meyer is the author of thirty books, including the national bestseller, The Golden Thread, and eleven collections of poetry. His CBC broadcasts on literature are the network’s bestselling spoken-word audio CDs and include The Great Books series and Great Poetry: Poetry is Live and Vice Versa. Meyer is a professor of English in the Laurentian University BA Program at Georgian College in Barrie, and a member of the American New Formalist Movement in poetry. His most recent collections of poetry are Mesopotamia(2009) and Dog Days: A Comedy of Terriers (2009).

To Get Event Info: e-mail Tightrope editor Shirarose at or call 647 348 4460.

Event Website:

Price: $50.00/person

Schedule: Sunday May 16, 12:00 p.m. until 5:00 p.m.

(photo credit- C. Meyer)


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