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TINARS For Tots Presents Frieda Wishinsky, Marie Louise Gay, Joanne Schwartz, and Laura Beingessner

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TINARS For Tots Presents Frieda Wishinsky, Marie Louise Gay, Joanne Schwartz, and Laura Beingessner

Saturday, April 18, 2009 - 10:00am


Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON


Sometimes the best stories feature people we see everyday. And we will celebrate some of these folks in crafts and books. Can your sibling be a total pest? Have you ever wished they would just leave you alone forever? Jake’s sister, Louise, pushes him to do so in writer Frieda Wishinsky and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay’s award-winning tale, Please Louise! Do the local shops in your neighbourhood create a sense of community? Are they more than just a place to buy things? At the launch of Our Corner Grocery Store, author Joanna Schwartz and artist Laura Beingessner will present the tale of a girl, Anna Maria, who spends a wonderful day in her grandparent’s shop. A TINARS For Tots event presented by Pages Books & Magazines, The Little Paper, Bunch and Gladstone Hotel. Doors 9:30AM. Adults $5 / Tots ride free.

PLEASE LOUISE! Louise refuses to leave her big brother Jake alone. Jake tries everything to make her go away but Louise is an irresistible force, determined to be as close to her brother as she possibly can. When Jake, in desperation, wishes Louise were a dog, he is suddenly faced with a terrifying possibility. Louise is gone and a little dog seems to be in her place. Can his wish have come true?

Please Louise! by author Frieda Wishinsky and illustrator Marie-Louise Gay has received several awards and commendations. Notable amongst these are a Starred Selection in the CCBC Best Books for Kids & Teens 2008 Guide and the 2008 Marilyn Baillie Picture Book Award.

FRIEDA WISHINSKY is an award-winning author and teacher with a Master of Science in special education. She has written more than forty trade and educational books. Her first picture book, Oonga Boonga, was voted "Pick of the List" by American booksellers, and Each One Special was nominated for a Governor General's Award. Wishinsky lives in Toronto.

MARIE-LOUISE GAY has written and/or illustrated over 50 board-books, picture books and novels for children. From Rainy Day Magic to On My Island to the Stella and Sam series, from Rumplestiltskin to Caramba to Travels with my Family, a novel co-written with her husband David Homel. Gay lives in Montreal.

OUR CORNER GROCERY STORE is a picture book that celebrates local shops and building communities. Anna Maria takes great pleasure and pride in her grandparents’ corner grocery store. Every Saturday she spends the day helping to arrange fruits and vegetables, greet the customers, and keep things neat and tidy. Through her day we meet the neighbors and learn what an important part the corner grocery store plays in the community.

Nonno Domenico, Nonna Rosa, and Anna Maria supply more than goods as the steady stream of customers arrives. Lunches are made, news is shared, bargains are purchased, recipes are traded, and cheerful ciaos are called. By the end of a long day, Anna Maria has a true sense of just how wonderful the sights and smells within the store are and how much they mean to everyone.

Charmingly illustrated in great detail, Our Corner Grocery Store pays tribute to the small independent grocers who supply color and atmosphere to city streets. Young readers will particularly enjoy finding and naming the wide array of produce, breads, candies, and dry goods that abound in this friendly establishment.

JOANNE SCHWARTZ was born in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Art History from York University and a Master’s degree in Library Sciences from the University of Western Ontario. Joanne is a children’s librarian with the Toronto Public Library, and she is a reviewer for the Canadian Children’s Book News. She enjoys art history, dancing, mountain walking, and reading picture books. Joanne has two daughters and lives in Toronto.

LAURA BEINGESSNER has loved to draw and paint ever since she was a little girl. She is the illustrator of three books for children, including the award-winning If the Shoe Fits, a New York Public Library’s 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing pick. She lives in Toronto with her husband and son.


Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON

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