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Hello, Spring

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Dear Readers,

Hello, warmer weather! A new season is here in Ontario and to add to your Spring happiness, a note that Open Book’s Spring Magazine is now posted, a very fun read featuring June Dickenson, Carla Gunn, Susan Jasper, Melissa Major and Nathaniel G. Moore.

Our online magazine is seasonal; be sure to check out our previous issues (tabs are on the right of the current issue) if you haven’t already. If you are ever interested in contributing to Open Book’s magazine, don’t hesitate to drop us a line to discuss your idea. Full details about submissions to Open Book can be found on our About page.

Have a Toronto story to tell? If so, there is a multi-arts submissions call you need to know about. Our friends at the Toronto Arts Council Foundation in association with our friends at Lit City are producing a wonderfully creative initiative to celebrate our fine city: the first annual Get Lit! Competition. Details can be found here.

Sheree-Lee Olson, author of the must-read Sailor Girl and editor of the Globe and Mail’s Style section, is our Writer in Residence for March. Visit Sheree-Lee’s author page and blog to read and discuss the award-show effect; Madame Bovary in 2009; Hudson’s Bay memories; how to capture those elusive, brilliant ideas that come in the middle of the night; and much more.

That’s right, read and discuss: you can now comment on all Open Book articles and there are great conversations happening here. For example, any suggestions for Sheree-Lee on how best to catch those middle-of-the-night ideas? Log in and add your thoughts here. Or, what do you think about books as “product placement” with celebrities? Post your comments here.

When you’re visiting, don’t miss our recent interviews with Jo Ellen Bogart and Gillian Newland and Alanna Mitchell as well as Alessandro Porco’s brilliant interview with Carolyn Smart here.

Also, a note that we are thrilled that students from the iDealogy program at Barrie North Collegiate are now blogging on with Open Book. Check out their first post here.

Enfin, be sure check in with Open Book’s Events Page for full details on all the literary happenings coming up, in and around Toronto. We’ve had a slew of exciting new event details come in over the past two weeks --- there is something for everyone.

Open Book

p.s. Open Book loves to hear your feedback. If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for us, please get in touch at