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Five Things Literary, with Ava Homa

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January 29, 2012 - As part of our mapping of literary Ontario, we're highlighting five things about literary life in communities throughout the province. What do our cities, towns and villages have to offer writers, readers and the curious? Follow Five Things Literary to find out.

Ava Homa is Open Book's February 2012 Writer in Residence.


1. When the weather is nice, which does not happen often, I like to walk/ jog in a park or trail. I am guaranteed to be inspired afterwards.

2. I have to change my workspace to be inspired. Sitting in one place every day is not inspiring. I try different coffee shops, libraries, parks, beaches and backyards.

3. When working on the first draft of a short story or my novel I cannot predict when I write and how many words I will write. My mind is occupied with the subject but I may not write for a couple of weeks. Then, one day I suddenly start writing and cannot stop for hours.

4. When it comes to revising, re-writing, editing, proofreading of the manuscript, discipline helps. I work two to three hours a day and usually only get to revise ten pages. Chances are I get stuck with re-writing the same ten pages for weeks. Yes, I am obsessed.

5. A cute website that keeps me writing: Surprised? Well, a little reinforcement is better than none.

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