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Goldberg Variations 2: The revenge.

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I've been thinking about my post from the other day. When a movie aimed at kids and teens comes out, often you'll see the novelization, the YA novelization, the sticker book, all kinds of different formats, to reach different audiences.

It's be fun to do that with an already existing series of books, like Twilight. Twilight has been very popular, but there's no way I could sit through those books. They're not to my taste. But what if, instead of just translating them to different languages, you could translate them to different styles? Release three or four versions of the book at once. The Jonathan Lethem Twilight, the Helen DeWitt Twilight, the Lydia Millet, the Cormac McCarthy, the James Patterson, the Janet Evanovich. It would be interesting to see different writers try to make sense of the same story in their own way.


The pride and prejudice and zombies book isn't really what I mean here. That's taking something and adding to it for comedic effect. I mean more stylistic adaptation and translation, while the content remains the same!

I eventually would like to do translations, but that's a matter of getting good enough in other languages to do the works justice!

Okayyy except they already made a Twilight graphic novel and I just want to cry!

I like the idea though :D it would be so neat.

I love this idea. I mean, it's similar to Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and Seth Grahame-Smith's other books, isn't it? Most of the material is still there, but it's different.

You should probably translate some books. I would buy them all.

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