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Debooking a Logo

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Debooking a Logo

Another telling blow in the fight to de-book the world has been struck. The Yellow Pages Group, well known for "Let your fingers do the walking" and its icon of a yellow hand patrolling a paper Yellow Pages, has booklessly updated its logo.
Meanwhile, a company representative set a new record for the amount of marketing jargon packed into two defenseless sentence. Stéphane Marceau, Chief Marketing Officer at Yellow Pages Group said: "The new YPG logo positions us as resolutely modern, innovative, and digital. While significant changes have been made, we kept our most important assets building on over 100 years of vested brand equity; our famous yellow colour is bolder and our trademarked Walking Fingers™ – one of the most recognized icons worldwide – continues to be at the heart of our identity."
What will be the next book to fall? Will the Gideons start leaving Biblical™ thumbdrives in hotel rooms? Will the Tibetan Book of the Dead become The DVD of the Currently De-listed™?
While you're waiting to find out, you could watch the very oily rebranding commercial below. Yes, I was the body double for this 30-seconder.

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John Oughton

John Oughton is the author of several books, including Time Slip: New and Selected Poems, published by Guernica Editions.

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