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The Kickstart Book Tour Hits Calgary

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Andrew Feindel and Alexander Herman met at the Calgary Airport. Andrew was wearing a shirt that read Kickstart: How Successful Canadians Got Started. There were far too many books in each of their bags. They took a taxi, chauffeured by a wild-haired woman of, oh, sixity-five, who took them for a ride through all four quadrants, telling them that no one in Alberta really hated people from Toronto (except when they complained about how "spread out" everything was). Andrew and Alexander found themselves at the door of familiarity and knocked. A friend of a friend answered. Suddenly, they were face to face with hospitality and a place to stay for two nights. Then the real work began...
Andrew put on a tight-fitting pair of running shoes. He carried a sports bag full of flyers out of a pub on 17th Avenue (SW). Alexander strolled along 8th or, as they say, Stephen. He reflected on the general bustle of the city, the many young men in suits, the half-decent North American atttempt at a pedestrian walkway, then he ordered a sausage from a stand outside the city hall, which was twice as long as anything he'd seen in Toronto, got it with onions, well, the works, and, finally, ended up scrounging off the free computers at the library.
He looks forward to seeing Andrew soon, as per the plan, outside that same pub on 17th Avenue (SW) at 8:00 pm, mountain time.

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