Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

picture me making devil horns

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What a swell time I had reading at the Fictitious Reading Series last night. It's so great to be part of this TO institution. Everybody rawked. The host, Stuart Ross, rawked. His co-organizer Kate Sutherland? Rawked. My co-reader Jeff Parker? Totally rawked. Audience rawked. I might have even rawked a little once I could be sure no one was looking. Every the art on the freaking walls--my eyes kept lingering on those two ghostly chairs. It was a warm, cozy, all around pleasant literary affair, and I don't often say that about venues where booze isn't served.

By the way, you need to know more about Jeff Parker. Go here for that:

Jeff has a beard, but no moustache. It's mesmerizing.

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Lynn Coady

Lynn Coady was nominated for the 1998 Governor General's Literary Award for Fiction for her first novel, Strange Heaven. She received the Canadian Authors Association/Air Canada Award for the best writer under thirty and the Dartmouth Book and Writing Award for fiction. Her second book, Play the Monster Blind, was a national bestseller and a "Best Book" of 2000 for the Globe and Mail; Saints of Big Harbour, also a bestseller, was a Globe and Mail "Best Book" in 2002. Her latest novel, Mean Boy, was a Globe and Mail "Best Book" of 2006 and won the Alberta Writers Guild's George Bugnet Award for Fiction. Most recently, she acted as editor on The Anansi Reader: 40 Years of Very Good Books.

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