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Comics to the Rescue: Comic Writers and Writers Save Literature

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I'm sitting in a cafe that used to be an auto garage listening to Interpol, a band that makes me imagine cinematically brutal break-ups in clubs where people are very creative and also very wealthy, and the guy beside me is wearing a hand-drawn "I'm huge on Twitter" T-shirt and typing on his MacBook, and I'm having an "Am I in LA moment?" only I know I'm in Ocean City, NJ, because I'm sunburned and thinking of hermit crabs ("Free with Purchase of Carrying Case!"). And oh yes, today is the last day of my vacation. After I finish my lemonade, I'm heading down to the beach to finish Jim Harrison's great new novel, The English Major (you can preview it on Julie Wilson's blog Seen Reading here).

The one down side to my vacation is that I've missed so many events at The Scream Literary Festival, especially tonight's Comics to the Rescue: Comic Writers and Writers Save Literature, which I have a feeling will be an awesome swagger of talent, entertainment and fun. Wish they were here or I was there.


Tonight at 7:00pm at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre
12 Alexander Street (1 block east of Yonge Street)

Just when the book seemed beyond all hope, comic artists have arrived to save the day! Our heroes Kate Beaton, Willow Dawson, Evan Munday, Claire Nobbs, Mariko Tamaki and Angela Szczepaniak swallow their proton pills and attempt to revive, rescue, revisit, and reinterpret the literary industry. Accompanying them will be host Elvira Kurt and a team of mighty artists, including Hope Larson, Steve Rolston, stef lenk, and Doug Wright Award recipients Jeff Lemire, Jillian Tamaki and Matt Forsythe.

Cost: $7

For more info on tonight's event, you can check the facebook page here.

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