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Making Polaroids

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Making Polaroids

The last few days have been so gray and rainy that I'm beginning to feel like it's October, and the garbage is just adding to the surreal Grand Theft Auto feeling in the streets. Last night I stepped out for a quick coffee with a friend, and the first thing I saw outside my door was the city garbage bin overflowing with trash. People had even stuck milk cartons, cans, and other detritus inside the tape that covers the receptacle's litter-bottles-newspapers openings.

The bad weather has its perks, though. I've been staying in and reading all the books that I didn't get to on my vacation. Carla Gunn's novel Amphibian is as wonderful as I had heard it was -- funny, charming, smart, and warm. I also read Diablo Cody's memoir, Candy Girl: A Year in the Life of an Unlikely Stripper. Cody wrote the screenplay for Juno and her memoir has a lot of the smart, quick humour that I remember from the film.

In other, un-related news, I've also been playing around with a new program that was made exclusively for the retro chick inside me. In a couple of easy steps, this free program allows you to make polaroid photos of out of your originals. This is how it works: once you've downloaded the program, a picture of a polaroid camera will appear on your desktop. Drag and drop any photo from any album into polaroid camera graphic, and out will come a polaroid picture. It takes about a minute to develop (yes, just like a real polaroid) and then you can save the new image to your computer. As far as I know, Polaroid has stopped making film, so this is a great, free alternative for us Luddites.

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