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Further to my blog about the war on indifference to Canadian writers, which is seeded in the great insecurity about our culture, in spite of so much evidence to the contrary.

I challenged you to bring forward ideas and action plans.

Here are a few of my own. Please post any you might want to add.

1. Badger teachers to include Canadian books on the curriculum. Offer to read at schools and when you do read your own work and/or that of other Canadian authors.

2. Take poetry to the marketplace. Recently I have read poetry in a department story, at a distillery, at a Black History Event, at several birthdays, funerals, and weddings. When part of the planning of any celebration or fundraiser, offer Candadian literature as part of the ceremony.

3. This morning, I was sent a promotional email by a women's clothing store that quoted from a Christina Rossetti poem. I wrote back, good on you for bringing poetry into your sphere, but what about Canadian poets? Could you play Canadian music in your shop.

4. Press advertisers to quote Canadian writers in their ads. We give good line.

5. Give Canadian books as gifts.

6. When you subscibe to newspapers or journals,let them know you appreciate seeing Canadian literary content in their pages.

These incentives take very little time, but could make a huge difference to our literary culture.


Could you all think Canadian? This is not jingoism, but self-defence. We deserve to be in the game and at present we are not, in spite of the Canada Council mandate which is now a half century past.

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Linda, I love this post. This topic is something I think about all the time. Your suggestions are so smart and easy-to-do, and they have my head ticking. One "blue sky" idea (a stretch, I know): imagine if all Canadian book awards were grouped into a fun, televised ceremony? Rather than separate awards, bring together an Oscar-style/Juno-style, multi-category awards blow-out that hopefully captures the public's attention (and sells Canadian books).

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