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Yes, Pierre, the word for rock, my favourite PM, and the poodle next door.

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Not a bad idea at all, Pierre.

One thing I loved about the Oscars this year was the "witnessing" by former winners who praised the work of the nominees. For once we heard WHY they might be nominated and why no one should "win" or "lose" because there are so many reasons to admire what each has done with a challenging role.

Another big plus about the galas our head of state loves to hate is that everyone gets to dress up and party which is one of the main thrills a writer gets from the craft and sullen art. Like every common garden variety schizophrenic, writers do get to talk to the voices in their heads, but it is nice to get out once in a while and visit with real people.

I think a lot more TV and radio coverage of our literature is essential. We should also have tweeners or culture ads everywhere ie using Canadian poetry to sell condoms (...c'mon, we've all heard "em "Don't be a fool/cover your tool" Now that is poetry that saves lives) or sell an idea about greening our cities.

I read in the paper this morning about guerilla knitters who are leaving their knitting all over Vancouver as acts of random generosity. You might find a sweater or socks or an oven mitt hanging from a parking meter, but personally, I'd like to see a few commissionaires handcuffed with granny scarves.

I suggest we do that with all art forms. Imagine our landscape covered with song, poem, painting, and dance everywhere.

Tomorrow I'm visiting a class on Canadian Culture at UVic. I hope they are ready for me. I am taking my knitting needles!

What are you doing tomorrow?

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