Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


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My publisher phoned at five pm and said, "It's looking scary." I went to choir, and in between prayer and praise (our Christmas repertoire) vibrated like a tuning fork.

"Boy, are you ever wired tonight," the person who sits next to me in the second soprano section said.

"It ain't over 'til it's over, I said.

At seven, one of the tenors got a phone call. "One O seven. YES!!!!"

"Sing in your chains like the sea," I said to my near neighbours.

At eight, we got the call. "We're over the top."

One hundred people joined hands and raised their voices, "We shall overcome." Some of us have been singing it for five decades.

"We'll march hand in hand/We shall live in peace."

That is poetry.

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Linda Rogers

Linda Rogers is the author of the novels Say My Name (Ekstasis Editions, 2000), Friday Water (Cormorant Books, 2003) and The Empress Letters (Cormorant Books, 2007). She has also published several collections of poetry, including Love in the Rainforest (Exile Editions, 1996), Heaven Cake (Sono Nis Press, 1997), The Saning (Sono Nis Press, 1999) and The Bursting Test (Guernica Editions, 2002).

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