Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Spring 2009

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Book Excerpt


A Novel by Carla Gunn

Amphibian, Carla Gunn's first novel, is about nine-year-old Phineas William Walsh, a child with an encyclopedic knowledge of the natural world and a capacity for worry. He's obsessed with animal facts and figures, but can't make the human world, with its arbitrary cruelties and complications, add up. Amphibian is published by Coach House Books.
This morning Bird and I got in trouble. We were pretending to be spies. Our job was to decipher our enemies’ cryptic messages.


Freedom in the Prison

Issues in constraint writing

By Melissa Major
On avoiding e As much as I thought I could do it with hardly any difficulty, I soon got a grasp on how tricky it is to avoid using a common symbol in print or oral communication.


Spring Stampede

A survey of fiction, poetry and even non-fiction with all the fixings

By Nathaniel G. Moore Now that tax season has subsided for another year, it's time to take off our mittens and quit sniffing so much and make way for the fabulous spring books comin' round the bend here in Canadian Literature. You know, that special time of year when the publishers pull out all the stops, bylines and press releases to bring to your attention their intentions.

The 48-Hour Interview

Telling Tales in Westfield Heritage Village

The Development of a Children's Literary Festival

June Dickenson and Susan Jasper discuss the Charles Taylor Prize for Literary Non-Fiction and the exciting development of Telling Tales: A Family Festival of Stories at Westfield Heritage Village, a day-long literary event. The inaugural Telling Tales festival will be held on Sunday, September 20, 2009.

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