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It must be the heat. And the insomnia.

• I find office supply stores to be extremely seductive. They hold so much promise, so much hope within them. I stroll the aisles and everything says, “take me; I will put your life in order.” Binders, dividers, notecards, label makers, highlighters…inner peace can be found in a simple accordion file. Staples is like the Church of the OCPD.
• My wife can read with the television on. I don’t know how she does it. Do you need quiet to read?
• We picked up our daughter from her friend’s cottage on Sunday. It was located on a lake somewhere between Peterborough and Ottawa. I checked the rest stops along the way for reading material. Entertainment Weekly, Archie comics, and James Patterson books on CD. That’s about it, unless you count the “Ontario – Yours to Discover” brochures piled everywhere. I think the Ontario service centres along the 401 and 400 highways should have little bookracks for travellers featuring local authors and their works. Buy a book, get a feel for the place…and a discount on gas. Just a thought.
• I’m sorry, but iced tea doesn’t come out of a can.
• Are there particular authors you read only while on vacation? I went through a period a few years ago when I only seemed to read Graham Greene while on vacation. Come to think of it, there was a period quite a while ago when it was Mordecai Richler. No special reason.
• I usually take a walk up and down the beach to check what people are reading, kind of what I do when riding the subway.
• Perhaps the hardest thing for me about working on a manuscript is that when I have to put it down and pick it up again, I have to start at the beginning. Easy with a 2,500-word short story, a little more challenging with an 80,000-word novel. Sometimes I just have to find a still point to dive into.
• I had an art instructor in university who when asked how she knew a work was finished said, they’re not really finished; you just have to find the right place to stop.
• My sister just sent me an image of an in-store display at the Chapters in Windsor, a display incorporating @RiversideDrive. Social media can be great not just for re-broadcasting things like this to one’s Facebook and Twitter followers, but for thanking the bookseller that made it happen. I think that’s important.

The rain, flooding and power outages caught me a little off guard yesterday. More on that as I catch up later on today – barring any other near-disasters.


Anthony: I know; it's like cruising the Mesopotamian tablets at the Royal Ontario Museum.

my fav thing in a staples is the tech that no longer has a place in society, like the aisle with the calculators.

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Michael Januska

Michael Januska is an award-winning crime fiction writer whose works include numerous short stories as well as the recent novel Riverside Drive, part of the Border City Blues series set in Windsor. His first book was Grey Cup Century. He lives in Toronto.

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