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Reporting From the Kitchen Table

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My first blog entry as July's Writer-In-Residence here at Open Book Toronto comes straight from the kitchen table. No, I'm not finishing lunch or preparing dinner. Rarely does this space ever see that kind of action. When I tire of my desk or need a larger work surface, I relocate to the kitchen table. By this time tomorrow I suspect it will be covered in notepads, papers, post-it notes, files and reference material as I delve deeper into writing the sequel to 'Riverside Drive,' 'Maiden Lane.' A blog might be just the thing to work out some of those wrinkles in the plot. Kind of like thinking out loud.

'Riverside Drive' was published a little over a month ago, and I've already received some valuable feedback - and questions about many of the characters. ("When's the next book come out? I want to know what happens to so-and-so!") It's been interesting to find out what people take away with them after reading 'Riverside Drive.' It's given me a new perspective on it and the work that I've already done on 'Maiden Lane.'

Four evenings a week I work at Danforth. I'm going try and use this blog to introduce new and interesting releases. I'll also drop in the occasional "Overheard In a Bookstore" entry. It's always entertaining.

I would also like to report from some of my favourite pubs and cafes along the Danforth as I take my show, that is, my laptop, on the road for a little change of scenery once in a while.

I know this will be an exciting adventure and I'm very much looking forward to interacting with visitors to this blog and Open Book Toronto. Cheers!

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Michael Januska

Michael Januska is an award-winning crime fiction writer whose works include numerous short stories as well as the recent novel Riverside Drive, part of the Border City Blues series set in Windsor. His first book was Grey Cup Century. He lives in Toronto.

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