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Rational Irrational.

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At this point, its all just gobble-dee-gook. I'm writing this blog but I'm not sure what I'm trying or even need to say. All this has seemingly been able to prove is that the more questions we ask, the more we have, leaving us with nothing but reality.

I've been seeing more and more theatre, which is fairly common-place, but I don't feel much like writing about it.

I can say that there appears to be a bit of a paradigm shift right now. Whatever. Who cares.

Blog - Michael?

Michael - What?

Blog - How you doing?

Michael - Me? Oh. Y'know. Ok.

Blog - Are you sure?

Michael - Do I not seem sure?

Blog - You seem a little distant.

Michael - Distant how?

Blog - Well, like there's something going on that you're hiding from me.

Michael - Maybe there is. Maybe there isn't.

Blog - Its not healthy to with-hold.

Michael - I'm not. I just ... I need some, i don't know--some ...

Blog - Space?

Michael - Yes. NO! Not space. No. Like ... the opposite.

Blog - Less space?

Michael - Yes. I don't know.

Blog - Is this the "hug" thing again?

Michael - All we do is talk!

Blog - There's nothing wrong with talking.

Michael - No. No. I know. I know. But ... well, how about a little clarity? Y'know? How about that? Maybe if there was a little clarity, we could all just shut up for a little while. Maybe we just all need to shut the fuck up a little bit.

Blog - Do I sense some aggression in your tone?

Michael - Not aggression, Blog. Emotion. I'm emotional.

Blog - Clearly.

Michael - Don't do that.

Blog - Do what?

Michael - THAT. That THING you do.

Blog - You mean "rational thinking"?

Michael - YES. Everything's always so RATIONAL with you.

Blog - Would you rather I was irrational.

Michael - No! But, maybe you could, like, y'know, be a bit more ... oh, nevermind.

Blog - I'm sorry, Michael.

Michael - For what?

Blog - For not being what you want me to be.

Michael - Yeah, well ... what did I expect, right?

Blog - Immortality.

Michael - Yeah. Immortality.


I would say that the blogging is putting me into a more direct relationship to big picture/life items. But, I will say that I always feel better after writing a blog.

Is writing this blog making you emotional (and maybe grumpy)? Or Big Picture/Life items? I can't be sure...

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