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Swine and Dine.

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I am going to New York tomorrow for a few days, and I may not see even one play. I have never gone to New York without seeing a piece of theatre, and to be honest, I'm actually kind of excited about it.

I'm amazed at how much theatre is in my life. I never thought it would become such a part of my psychological make-up. I am finding myself more and more often wanting to write down things people are saying, and then become instantly aware and a little turned off by my own writerly cliches.

In one week, I begin rehearsals for The Book of Judith. I keep saying that I'm going to talk more about it here, but there is some sort of block I have. It is certainly the most profound piece of theatre I've worked on, and certainly work that is most representative of what I think art should be. But perhaps because it is so personal, I feel only that I would like to plead with the world to see the piece. I think it is worth everyone's time, and I've never said this about any other piece I've made. It feels so much bigger than myself, and that, perhaps, I am just a bit of a vessel, playing the role of the theatre-maker, making this piece.

I will speak more, but in the meantime, you can read up about it on another "blog" I have been writing at

Today Sarah (director/co-creator) and I had a great writing session. She is the only person I have ever been able to write with. Our brains literally become one during the process. We compliment each other so well. There is so much profundity in the process, right down the message of the play being a very active part of creation that we've begun implementing in the creation of the play itself.

That is a really dense statement that I probably have to unpack for you to have it make any sense at all. But its too late, and I'm too tired, and I am flying tomorrow and I hate flying and I am worried about the swine flu a bit.

Aren't you?


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