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The Dirty Dozen, with Malka Marom

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Malka Marom

A lot happened in Yorkville in the 1960s, but one of the most important events for music lovers was the meeting of two women in a coffee shop. When singer, musician and broadcast journalist Malka Marom met musical icon Joni Mitchell, a forty-year friendship and a great journalistic pairing was launched. Marom first interviewed Mitchell for CBC Radio in 1973, and has done so many times since then, with their most recent broadcast conversation taking place in 2012. With unparalleled access to Mitchell and her creative process, Marom has created Joni Mitchell: In Her Own Words (ECW Press).

The book includes exclusive photographs from Marom's personal collection, images of Mitchell's paintings, interviews and lyrics, and is a must-read for Joni Mitchell fans.

Today Malka joins us as part of our Dirty Dozen series, where authors and artists are invited to share 12 unexpected facts about themselves, giving readers a peek into the people behind the books.

Take the opportunity to hear from this creative and witty woman, who tells us about how she saves up her luck, why her next door neighbour doesn't worry if she hears screams from Malka's apartment and why she loves this time of year.

  1. I have an irrational fear of mice. I’ve roamed the desert with nomadic Bedouin tribes without fear — well, almost without fear — but if I see a tiny cute mouse at the cottage I shriek in panic as if it was a lion.
  2. I’m a grandmother who is crazy over her three grandchildren. (If you were to foretell it even when I was 50, I would have laughed my head of at the notion of it.)
  3. The older I get the more I go nuts over Ray Charles. He “ages” better than any good wine, as far as I’m concerned.
  4. I never had a clue how cold cold could be until the December when I first landed in Canada.
  5. Don’t kill me, but I don’t like Breaking Bad. (But I love The Wire.)
  6. I don’t like junk food — maybe that’s why I don’t like Breaking Bad.
  7. Whenever I’d be booked to sing at a casino, I’d get gambling chips “courtesy of the house.” I’d hand them to my guitarist/conductor. I believed, still do, that destiny allowed me only a certain amount of luck, good luck. I’d rather not blow it on casino tables.
  8. I’m crazy for soccer, and especially Messi. And so when I moved to a condo, I advised my next door neighbour not to call the police when she hears me screaming my head off.
  9. When I went down to the mine at Uranium City, all the miners came out. They believed that it was bad luck for a woman to go down to the mine.
  10. I’m very surprised to see my sons when they fly over to visit. I remember them as very little, and here their hair is thinning or silvered.
  11. I’m moved to tears by how beautiful an autumn leaf is just before it dies.
  12. I’d learned to cook seafood dishes from the wonderful chefs at Joso’s fish restaurant. (Joso sang with me in the duo Malka & Joso.)

Malka Marom began her career as a folksinger, in the popular duo Malka & Joso who were the first to bring world music to Canada. Their recordings with Capitol EMI Records topped the bestseller lists in Canada. As a soloist, Marom performed on stage, TV, and radio in Canada, the U.S., South American, the U.K., Europe, and the Middle East. She is also known and respected as a radio broadcaster and documentary maker. She has profiled Joni Mitchell and Leonard Cohen among others. Her interview with Pablo Casals was the last Casals ever gave and drew praise from many, including renowned pianist Glenn Gould. She is the author of the novel Sulha.

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