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Have a new comic or graphic novel? Call for Submissions! Until June 7th

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Have a new comic or graphic novel? Call for Submissions! Until June 7th

From our friends at The Beguiling:

Comics and Graphic Novels Tent
Sunday, September 27th, 2009
Queen's Park Circle, Toronto, Canada

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: June 1st-7th, 2009

The Beguiling and The Toronto Comic Arts Festival are pleased once again to be sponsoring The Word On The Street Literary Festival's Comics & Graphic Novels tent for 2009. The Comics & Graphic Novels tent has become one of the most popular tents at WOTS, and last year's programming featured more than 20 cartoonists from across Canada discussing, presenting, and reading from their work, for an audience of hundreds.

2009 is going to be an even bigger and better year, with a full day of great programming and giveaways. To truly engage the breadth and diversity of the comics medium, for our 2009 comics and graphic novels programming we'd like to invite the comics community to offer suggestions as to what kind of programming we should undertake for this year.

The Beguiling is currently seeking submissions and suggestions from cartoonists (writers/artists) and publishers with work debuting in Summer or Fall 2009, as to programming ideas involving their work for WOTS 2009. If you've got a new book, a new anthology piece, are debuting a new story or storyline, or you've been doing something of interest to the general public (not just comic book fans) that has never been covered at WOTS, please let us know! WOTS is a book-oriented event, but we are interested in comics in all forms, from minis and floppies to newspaper strips to graphic novels to webcomics. While we can't promise that every suggestion or submission will make it into the 2009 programming lineup, we will seriously consider all submissions.

Please send your suggestion or submission for programming to, with the word WOTS somewhere in the subject line, to ensure it is received, and do so before Sunday June 7th at midnight. PLEASE INCLUDE A FULL NAME, PHONE NUMBER, AND E-MAIL IN THE BODY OF YOUR MESSAGE.
Please do not include attachments over 500k. If you've got images, put them up on a website somewhere for us to look at. All e-mails will receive a confirmation of receipt within 48 hours, so if you don't get one, e-mail it again!


If you're still not sure what this entails, here's a few samples to get you thinking.

1. "Hey there, I'm an artist and my GRAPHIC NOVEL is coming out from PUBLISHER in August 2009. I'd like to do a reading or presentation of this work! Here is the info about GRAPHIC NOVEL and a contact for my publisher."

2. "I'm self-publishing my newest comic, XYZ, in September. Can I do a reading? Or maybe we can do a panel on self-publishing? Here is a link to my comic online."

3. "I've been writing and illustrating WEBCOMIC for a few years now, and I think it would appeal to lots of people. I'm doing a great jumping on point around the time of WOTS, do you think we could work together to promote it somehow?"

4. "I'm a publishing rep and we're doing a great couple of comics with Canadian authors this fall, A and B by C and D. We should talk!"

All of these are great, provide us with enough information to check out the work, figure out how you might fit into our plans, and will enable us to work quickly to confirm your participation.

Here is what we don't want:

i. "I'm a random dude who really likes The Wolverine. Why aren't you doing more panels on The Wolverine? Dude's got a movie!"

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