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Jacob McArthur Mooney on Writers & Critics

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Open Book's September Writer in Res Jacob McArthur Mooney has a regular blog elsewhere on the web, Vox Populism: Seeing the World Through Poem-Coloured Glasses. In his latest post, Know Your Audience (When Your Audience Is Yourself), JMM turns his eye to some poet blogs and recent arguments on "reviewer responsibility." Here's a taste:

"Talking about reviewer responsibility is important. People should be doing it as much as possible, they should be doing it at the expense of other conversations, about things like voice appropriation and spiritualism and post-modernism and other things that might be fun to say, but don’t actually contribute to the production of good books. Having responsible, engaged, and committed critics is as important, if not more important, than having good poets. They’re rarer. Sometimes I think we’ve been gifted with such a critical community in this country, and other times I don’t. I haven’t fully decided either way."

And here's another taste:

"For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m talking about a dust-up between an assortment of mostly intelligent men and women, many of whom are regular readers of this blog, who have been engaged in the trading of monologues on the subject of reviewer responsibility. I started here and then went here and here and here and here and then here and likely a few other places that aren’t on my radar. Before clicking on the links, I need to warn you—they won’t make you live any longer, and quite likely they will make your time on this earth slightly less rewarding and productive. Okay, you’ve been warned."

Bold! For the full blog post and JMM's links, head over here.

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