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A Message from Taddle Creek

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From our friends at Taddle Creek:

As some readers likely know, the federal government has been tinkering with its arts funding of late. The magazine has complained about this enough already so, long story short: Taddle Creek does not meet the new arbitrary annual circulation number required to qualify for operating money from the Canada Periodical Fund.

What does this mean for Taddle Creek? Well, the magazine won't be going away anytime soon, not to worry (rejoice?). But it now is faced with an annual budget that is 40% smaller than it used to be. (The government has also ended a long-standing postal subsidy, which will result in a 400% increase in Taddle Creek's mailing costs.) The magazine has seen tremendous growth both in quality and readership in the years since this level of funding was introduced, and it would like that growth to continue. You can help.

How?, you ask. Well, Taddle Creek would never do anything so crass as to ask for donations (though a rich benefactor would certainly be welcome), but there are some simple things you can do that would benefit the magazine a great deal:

Buy the Magazine
Subscriptions are a kind of lifeblood to small mags. Unlike newsstand sales, 100% of the money earned goes directly to the magazine. If you already subscribe, please renew your subscription as soon as it comes due (mailing multiple reminders is very expensive), and be sure to notify the magazine of your new address if you move. You can subscribe on-line via Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or PayPal, or by sending $12 (cheque, money order, cash, or credit card info) to Taddle Creek at P.O. Box 611, Stn. P, Toronto, Ont. M5S 2Y4. The price is probably going to have to go way up soon as a result of this budget cut, so subscribe/renew today.

If you like buying your magazine in the store, that's certainly fine by Taddle Creek. The magazine is available all over the place. If you can't find it in your area, drop the magazine a line and it will see what it can do to change that. With enough new readers, Taddle Creek might just qualify for C.P.F. funding again someday.

Keep in Touch with the Magazine
There are lots of ways to keep up with what Taddle Creek is doing. If you're already on Facebook or Twitter, fan or follow Taddle Creek. Obviously, you're already on the magazine's E-mail list, but if you don't tend to open up the messages when they arrive, please reconsider -- they're so infrequent. And both the home page and blog page of the Taddle Creek Web site have RSS feeds you can follow. (Following Taddle Creek electronically has the added bonus of making the magazine feel loved when it sees its follower numbers go up.) You can also write the magazine a letter to let it know what you liked/disliked about the latest issue. Taddle Creek loves to get mail.

Party with the Magazine
Taddle Creek dares say it has the best literary events in town. Come on out to a launch, meet people, hang with friends, and take in some entertainment. While you're there, have a drink or two to thank the fine establishment that has generously donated space for the evening. And be sure to pick up a copy of the magazine. Taddle Creek never charges a cover for its events, but that doesn't mean they don't cost money. Taddle Creek needs to sell magazines to break even. If you already subscribe, pick up a copy for a friend (especially if it's the summer party and you're getting free food and beer).

Advertise with the Magazine
If you're in a position to do so, drop Taddle Creek a line to discuss how you can reach tens of hundreds of readers at a very affordable price.

Tell a Friend About the Magazine
The best promoter Taddle Creek has is you. Loan a friend a copy, buy them a subscription, bring them to a launch, forward an E-mail, retweet a tweet, write something on the magazine's Facebook wall, for whatever good that does. Every little bit helps.

Taddle Creek has always strived to be more than just a typical literary magazine. It feels literature deserves better than a grey digest of a journal. Help keep Toronto arts and culture well-edited and tastefully flashy. Thank you. (And a special thanks to those among you who already do any or all of the above. You're the real heroes. Not like firemen or astronauts, but a close second, honest.)

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